Carol Ann Murphy Earns High Praise – Barroom Assault

After successfully negotiating over a holiday weekend the resolution of a difficult litigated matter involving the defense of a bar where the plaintiff was assaulted by several unknown individuals resulting in serious bodily injuries, the Director of Complex Claims for the bar’s insurer commented as follows:

“It was certainly a pleasure to work with you on this challenging case! I likewise appreciate your efforts today during a holiday to work with me and bring this case to a resolution. I will certainly be recommending you to my peers looking for panel atty in PA and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to work with you again on another case in the near future.”

A Client Comments Regarding Partner James Kahn

“From time to time the subject of attorneys has come up. I’ve said many times over the years that the best professional customer service I’ve ever encountered was from you and your firm. I especially mention it if I hear disparaging attorney remarks. Thanks for your amazing service…”

Scranton Area Business Owner Comments on Partner Jeff Havran’s Efforts.

After successfully wrapping up a contested loss involving a premises liability matter, the client/insured directed the following note to the insurer’s Senior Litigation Counsel: “For some reason in today’s world, what we in the service industry hear most often are complaints. I just wanted to compliment your company, our Agent … and Attorney Jeffrey Havran for the friendly but professional handling of our issue. Attorney Havran kept us apprised by phone and email every step in the process plus negotiated a minimum settlement. I highly recommend him to you for any and all future legal needs.”

CPA Dismissed on Preliminary Objections – Comments to Pittsburgh Partner Arcovio

Upon learning a Westmoreland County Judge issued an Opinion and Order granting all Preliminary Objections presented by Partner Bob Arcovio resulting in the complete dismissal of the case against the Accounting Firm and prohibiting the plaintiff from refiling, Bob’s CPA client commented:

“Hi Bob, That’s wonderful news. I certainly appreciate all of your hard work with this process. Much appreciated! Stay safe and healthy.”

Liquor Liability Matter in Northeast PA – Praise for Mark Sheridan

Upon learning Mark Sheridan in our Scranton office successfully concluded a liquor liability matter against their bar/restaurant, the owner commented:

“Wow Mark!! Such wonderful news! Thank you so much for all the support and work you’ve put into this case and for keeping us updated and all of it 🙂 So glad it’s over…”

Pay Equity & Discrimination Lawsuit Resolved – Comments Regarding Chris Tinari

After Chris Tinari successfully resolved a high exposure pay equity and gender discrimination lawsuit at mediation involving a former partner, the Managing Director of our client law firm commented: “Chris, thank you and your team for your excellent work and assistance. (to insurer claim professional Chris worked with): … I am thankful that you have such capable and professional attorneys handling such matters for your insureds. On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to emphasize how much we sincerely appreciate the top-notch representation provided to (our firm).”

Great Outcome and Kudos for Cathy Straggas!

After promptly resolving a matter on behalf of a loading dock manufacturer, the claim professional commented: “Hi Cathy – Thanks for the update and closing docs.  It’s been a pleasure working with you on this matter. I appreciated the frequent and thoughtful updates throughout the case. Your efforts led to a really great outcome. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Praise for Jerry Connor in Guiding a Client Through a Complex Construction Case

Upon the conclusion of a lengthy and complex construction litigation, our general contractor client – a sole proprietor who had never been sued in 40+ years – shared the following email message with our partner, Jerry Connor: Jerry, Thank you for your professionalism but also kindness to us throughout this process. Thank you for working so hard on our behalf, and helping us navigate our first lawsuit to a smooth ending. We are very grateful. May God bless you richly.”

Comments from Legal Mal Claim Professional for James Kahn & Mohammad Ghiasuddin

After preparing and filing a Motion for Summary Judgment with a detailed summary of the facts and a 38 page Memorandum of Law on behalf of our law firm client, the claim professional commented:

“My many thanks to all of you for your hard and brilliant work …  Again, job well done.”

Dismissal of Wrongful Death Case with Prejudice Earns High Praise for Ron Reitz

Upon learning their joinder in a wrongful death case had been dismissed with prejudice by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (per Chief Judge Mark Hornak), our energy services company client Director of Litigation commented to Pittsburgh Partner, Ron Reitz:

“Ron, this is great news!  I’ve passed the news along to our executives, and I’m sure they will be very pleased.”

The Energy Claims Manager for the insurer involved commented: “Ron, Great news, job well done.”

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