Municipal Liability Case Dismissed & Praise for Partner Charlie Saul

A Motion for Summary Judgment presented by Pittsburgh Partner Charlie Saul was successful in a bitterly fought case against a Township and its representatives involving allegations of sexual harassment, discriminatory discharge, and 1st Amendment retaliation. The Court agreed with Charlie’s position, dismissed the case, and the Township’s Secretary-Treasurer reacted to the good news with the following message to Charlie:

“Hey Charlie – All I can say is: I am super excited about the outcome today.  What GREAT-GREAAAAT news! [My husband] and I have been smiling since your call and all the way home. You have been wonderful and soooo patient with the [aggravation associated with this litigation]! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else but you representing me and the township.  You know your law and you didn’t waver [sic] one bit. I am in awe of you. Again, thanks for always being there and your patience in this saga. I am so glad the judge was able to see through all of this. I am grateful and happy this is over withYou are the best!!!”

Attorney Defending Ethics Charges Grateful for Emery Mishky’s Handling

After learning our New Jersey Partner, Emery Mishky, successfully secured a Diversionary agreement to avoid any sanction or record of discipline by the Office of Attorney Ethics, our attorney client commented, “I can’t thank you enough for your counsel throughout this matter, without which I am certain we would not have achieved this favorable outcome.”

Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice earns Emily Mahler praise from claims professional

Upon learning a Motion to Dismiss prepared by our Pittsburgh partner, Emily Mahler, was successful, resulting in the dismissal of the Plaintiff’s Complaint, with prejudice, in a wrongful termination loss, the claim professional commented: “Great! … You and your firm always do great work for us!”

Jennifer Coatsworth is AMAZING!

A comment directed to Partner Bill Longo regarding partner Jen Coatsworth’s efforts on behalf of a real estate client she defended: “Hi Bill. We wanted to share with you how pleased we were working with Jennifer and the full Margolis Edelstein firm.  We can’t thank Jennifer enough for her extreme professionalism, thoughtful support and most importantly truly personally caring about us and not just treating us like another “client”. Jennifer did an amazing job defending our case with her efficient and effective communications that resulted in saving us a significant amount of money on the settlement and fees.  We couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to be by our side through such a stressful and traumatic process.  Jennifer is one in a million! Please feel free to use any of our above comments as a testimonial – as we want to be sure to share the word on how amazing your firm and Jennifer is!”

Appreciation for Pittsburgh Partner, Kyle McGee, after obtaining summary judgment in a complex WV employment discrimination and sexual harassment case.

Pittsburgh-based Partner, Kyle McGee, was asked to take over the defense in a complex employment discrimination matter in West Virginia that involved allegations of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation, reprisal and wrongful discharge. After the Court granted summary judgment in our clients’ favor in-house counsel stated, “Our entire team knows how difficult it is to obtain summary judgment in an employment case and particularly in a sexual harassment case. This is really an incredible result. Thank you so much for coming into this case late in the game, for your quick catch up, and for your devoted work and effort on this case. It resulted in a fantastic MSJ and reply and obviously the Court agreed. Thank you so much for your hard and thoughtful work on this case – I can’t really convey over email just how much we all appreciate it!”

Partner Bill Longo Earns High Praise for Default Judgment Set Aside

A Litigation Specialist provided the following note to the VP Claims of a regional commercial insurer:

“Hi Steve, It pays to hire the right people – it did not take long for the Margolis team to untie this knot. I’m not sure how Bill Longo did it, but he did. Bill knows the Philly landscape and characters well and has tremendous credibility, that is for sure. I can’t wait to tell the insured and the agent. Just wanted to let you know.”


Successful Dismissal of Plaintiff’s Bad Faith Action Earns High Praise from Auto Insurer

Upon learning of the successful defense to a bad faith coverage claim asserted by two policyholders, Harrisburg Partner Rolf Kroll received the following thanks from the senior counsel for our client:

“It was terrific working with you. Many thanks for jumping in with both feet on this one!”

Praise for Steve Eichler & Sarah Connor from a Grateful Client.

After successfully resolving an issue on a confidential basis, the client directed the following note to our partner, Steve Eichler, and teammate, Sarah Connor: “Hello, I just received your notice of settlement … I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work and diligence put forth by all, in order to settle this matter. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future, however, not on the same basis! Again, thank you for your ongoing, unwavering support …”

High Praise for Michael Badowski from a Common Pleas Court Judge

“Having tried a few cases with you, it is always a pleasure to be the trial judge in cases which you appear. You epitomize the best of our trial lawyer traditions; fighting hard in the courtroom with professionalism yet being friendly and collegial with all outside the courtroom. Hopefully you are passing along these traits to your associates.”

Grateful Client Thanks Scranton Partner Gerald Connor for Resolving a Fatal Automobile Accident Claim

Upon resolving a wrongful death case on behalf of his client our partner, Jerry Connor, received the following note: “Hi Gerald, just reaching out to personally thank you for your help with that case. I can finally move on with life 100% and feel relief from that day. Means the world to me and my family, and I thank you sir.”

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