Praise for Michael Lang – Motorcycle/Skid-Steer Fatality

After attending a Court Conciliation which ultimately resulted in the resolution of a particularly challenging death case, the Claim Professional commented on Mike Lang’s handling as follows:

“ I am especially appreciative of your stalwart and unwavering stance during these rather hard-bitten negotiations. I asked you to “sell” (the insurer’s) number to the parties, and you did. Nice work … Michael, you did a fine job on this case. I have been pleased with your level of professionalism, legal knowledge and skills, responsiveness, and customer care for both (your client) and (the insurance carrier). Overall, outstanding work all around. Thanks for hanging in there and facing up under pressure yesterday…. I forgot to mention that about 30 minutes after (you) called me to report that we reached a settlement, I received a phone call from (the insured). He expressed profuse gratitude and thanks both to Mr. Lang and to (the insurer). Then his wife got on the phone to express the same. It was pretty heart-warming to hear from our insured how much he appreciated our efforts.”

Praise for Partner James Huggett Upon Extricating Law Firm Client from Legal Mal Action

Upon learning our PA/DE based partner, Jim Huggett, successfully removed at no cost our law firm client from a legal malpractice case involving a bankruptcy matter, the client commented to the legal malpractice insurer claim counsel as follows:

“Thank you. I’d like to add how pleased I am with how things turned out and how Jim handled it all. Jim was always available and that was very much appreciated. His command of the law in this case was impressive as well. Again, thank you.”

Praise for Glenn Ricketti

Our Partner, Glenn A. Ricketti, Esq. recently wrapped up a trial involving a hotly disputed, intersectional collision, motor vehicle case between the client’s work van and the plaintiffs car where plaintiff alleged five herniated discs and proposed future back surgery. Halfway through the trial the Plaintiff’s settlement demand remained over $225,000. Following Glenn’s cross examination of the Plaintiff, in which Glenn caught the Plaintiff lying about his past medical condition, the case settled for a mere $7,500.

After the resolution of the case the client’s President provided the following note to the insurer:

“My company was represented by Mr. Glenn Ricketti in a recent jury trial. I wanted to reach out to you and express what a pleasure it was to have him handle my case. He was extremely organized for the trial and prepared myself and our witness so that we both felt confident entering the courtroom. The case/trial was estimated to last three days but turned out to only last three hours with a settlement.

As much as I would rather never see an attorney again, if the need should arise, I would feel relieved to have Glenn representing [our company] again. I would like to thank Margolis Edelstein for this case’s WIN!!!”


Legal Malpractice Claim – Bankruptcy – Dismissed – Claim Professional Comments

Upon learning our Wilmington, Delaware based partner, Jim Huggett, secured the dismissal of our law firm client in a Bankruptcy matter, the claim professional commented:

“Excellent, very pleased with your results, obviously, but also with your attention to details and communication. Thank you.”

Praise for Charlie Saul – Dismissal of EEOC Charge of Discrimination Against Township

Upon learning of the EEOC decision to Dismiss the Plaintiff’s Charge of Discrimination against a suburban Pittsburgh Township, the Township Solicitor sent the following note to the Township insurer: “Although I’m sure that you already know it, Charlie Saul is a credit to the profession. Thank-you for bringing him to (our) Township.”

Praise for Scranton Partner Jerry Connor

Upon learning a challenging premises liability lawsuit involving an invitee to commercial property who had sustained a serious compression fracture in her lower back, was resolved, the client responded to Jerry as follows:

“Thanks Gerald! Great news!! I am very pleased and relieved this lawsuit has been settled. I appreciate all your help – you took good care of us, and made the process smooth and understandable. I wish you health and prosperity forever! Warm Regards …”

Praise for Kyle McGee

Upon learning that our Western PA based colleague, Kyle McGee, amicably resolved a serious products liability matter on behalf of his client, where the settlement demand was in the high six-figure range, and the case resolved for less than the anticipated future cost of defense, the claim professional commented: “This is fabulous! The more I think of this…the more pleased I am regarding the outcome. The plaintiffs came down off of their ivory tower! Great job!”

Praise for Jonathan Herbst & Bill Remphrey

After successfully resolving a serious bodily injury matter on behalf of our regional grocer/retailer, The Chief Risk Officer sent the following note to Bill and Jonathan: “Thank you for your outstanding representation in this matter. We certainly appreciate how your firm has always worked very hard on our behalf. My hope is that we do not need your defense services frequently, however, I would strongly lean toward your firm to assist in these important matters. Again thank you ….”

Praise for Scranton Partner, Jerry Connor in Handling Auto Defense

Upon successfully resolving a serious auto liability matter, the claim professional/large loss adjuster, commented: “Jerry … I wanted to say again you did a fantastic job in the plaintiff deposition which aided us in being able to resolve this matter. Thank you.”

Praise for Jim Kahn for resolving a complex federal tax dispute stemming from damages mitigation on a legal malpractice claim.

After successfully concluding a settlement agreement with a malpractice Plaintiff which allowed an IRS refund request on the Plaintiff’s behalf for several hundred thousand dollars, and then overseeing the refund petition to the IRS, the refund was granted and that greatly lowered the carrier’s indemnity obligation under the settlement. The professional lines claim counsel commented:

“WOW! Thank you for all of the excellent hard work in helping to bring this long journey to a great conclusion, gentlemen!”

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