Section 1983 Civil Rights/Excessive Force Police Arrest Dismissed on Motion and Plaintiff’s Appeal Denied by US Court of Appeals.

Plaintiff alleged the Chief of Police of a Western Pennsylvania Municipality had used excessive force in the process of arresting him. Our Pittsburgh based partner, Charlie Saul, prepared and argued before the USDC, Western District, his Motion for Summary Judgement on behalf of the Police Chief and contended that the weaknesses associated with the case against his client warranted Summary Judgment. While Motions for Summary Judgement are routinely dismissed and the case typically proceeds to trial, particularly if there are issues of credibility associated with any party or witness, however, in this matter, the Judge was persuaded by Charlie Saul’s Motion and argument supported by deposition testimony and documentary evidence that the Plaintiff’s credibility and that of his witnesses was so inherently suspect that no jury could possibly find in favor of the Plaintiff. The Judge dismissed the case in its entirety based upon the Motion and the U.S. Court of Appeals denied Plaintiff’s appeal.