Pittsburgh Defense Verdict – Bar Patron, Head Injury – Four Day Trial, 23 Minutes Deliberation

The plaintiff in this matter was a patron at our client’s bar when he stumbled and fell inside the facility but was not injured at the time. He was approached by a security guard who was in the process of assessing him, when his buddy came up and they left the premises together. Seconds after leaving the bar, the plaintiff fell a second time, cracking his skull on the pavement, sustaining a severe head injury leading to emergency surgery, a real risk of death and six weeks hospitalization. The plaintiff claimed his first fall inside the facility was the result of a seizure which the guard should have recognized as a medical event and summoned emergency medical services. The defense contended successfully that Plaintiff caused his own harm by mixing alcohol and powerful anti-seizure medications in a manner which had an additive impact on his level of impairment. The jury deliberated only 23 minutes before concluding that the Defendant bar was not negligent and that its conduct did not cause the Plaintiff’s harm.