Mark Sheridan Successfully Resolves Wrongful Death Action with Praise from his Client and the Insurer

Our Scranton colleague, Mark Sheridan, represented the interests of a developer who had constructed a small subdivision by the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County, PA. During a flooding event nearby the river, carbon monoxide (believed to have been ancient in origin) seeped into basements of some of the homes displacing oxygen. The decedent had been cat-sitting in her sister’s home and she died; her Estate alleging her death resulted from the carbon monoxide exposure which was caused by the negligence of Mark’s client and two engineering firms who had been hired to assist with design and environmental issues.

A comment from Mark’s client directed to the insurance carrier Claim Professional: “Tom, I am … the former owner of [the defendant retailer, our client].  I understand that the case is near closure and I wanted to pass on to you a bit of my experience through the last few years. The process for me was obviously long, sad, frustrating and extremely stressful. The breath of fresh air was my professional relationship with Mark Sheridan.  I found Mark always knowledgeable, available, professional and most of all caring about his client, the case and me.  He seemed to always care for the people he worked with on this case (including you) and for the beneficial outcome for his client. Mark was the calming strength that helped me and my family weather the storm and I will be forever grateful to him for that. As this terrible episode comes to a close, I thought it was important to tell you about my feelings toward Mark’s management of me and this case. Please feel free to give this note wide distribution to anyone you feel might be interested. Warmest regards”

The Claim Professional’s comment forwarding to his supervisor the client’s note: “FYI. This is the case where the plaintiff died, allegedly from defective construction by the insured. A settlement has been reached and the final details are being worked out. In over 49 years this is the first email I received from an insured with such compliments of our defense counsel.”

The Claim Professional’s boss’ note to Mark: “Mark, just wanted to echo the insured’s appreciation and pass on our thanks which isn’t limited to this case. You’ve certainly become our go-to guy up in [your area] and I know that everyone at [our insurance company] really enjoys working with you  … let me see if we can find some time for me to come up and take you to dinner – if [the Claim Professional] hasn’t seen something in 49 years, it’s definitely something worthy of recognition!”