Judgment Granted in At-Will Employment Case in State Court – Montgomery Court of Common Pleas – Partner Christopher A. Tinari and Associate Michael R. Miller Prevail on Preliminary Objections to Complaint Alleging Oral Alteration of At-will Employment Relationship

Philadelphia Partner Christopher A. Tinari and Michael R. Miller obtained dismissal of a Complaint attempting to grieve an at-will employment termination. The plaintiff, a marketing director, contended he provided sufficient consideration to convert at-will employment into a contractual right which was denied by our client’s termination. Specifically, the plaintiff contended he promised marketing contacts and a “book of business” which provided a property interest in at-will employment. The Court accepted our argument that the plaintiff was hired to provide such marketing contracts, meaning he was not providing “additional consideration” as required by law to rebut the at-will presumption. Judgment was granted in favor of our client before proceeding through a costly discovery and trial process.