Favorable Verdict for Berkeley Heights Partner, Emery Mishky

Berkeley Heights Partner, Emery Mishky, received a favorable jury verdict following a four-day trial before the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, in Mercer County, New Jersey.  The premises liability case against Margolis Edelstein’s client, a retail service station involved personal injury to a 42-year-old plaintiff who claimed that she had slipped and fell due to a three-foot high, nine-foot wide snow mound that had been plowed into a barrier in front of the main front door to a retail store at a travel plaza.  The plaintiff suffered a broken elbow, broken ribs, and other injuries, resulting in four elbow surgeries for open reduction and fixation; removal of fixation hardware; removal of loose bodies; and an ulnar nerve decompression; allegedly leaving severe permanent disability and loss of use.  Before full medical development and the fourth surgery the case was arbitrated at $200,000.  The case was then transferred to Margolis Edelstein for trial.  The plaintiff maintained a $350,000 demand through trial.  A jury returned a net verdict of $22,000.