Defense Verdict in Breach of Contract Claim in Scranton, PA

Following a three day jury trial, attorney Mark Sheridan obtained a defense verdict in favor of his client, a heating and air contractor.  The Plaintiff had claimed that the air conditioning systems that were installed in his $2 million dollar home were inadequate as the refrigerant lines from the outdoor condensing units to the indoor air handlers were too long and were undersized..  Plaintiff further alleged that as a result of these shortcomings, his systems were not properly cooling his home and his condensers had been systematically failing.  This was a fairly complex job as there were six separate air conditioning and heating systems, servicing 15 zones.  Sheridan and his client conceded at trial that the lines were undersized and inappropriate, but they maintained the position that the Plaintiff was aware of the potential problems and was unwilling to pay for the additional costs for larger sized lines, which would have mitigated the problems.  The testimony also showed that the Plaintiff was adamant that the outdoor units be placed in one spot in the back of the house rather than being spaced around the perimeter of the property which would allow for shorter lines to the corresponding air handlers and would allow for the smaller sized lines. Plaintiff sought $198,000 in damages to replace the lines, to move the air-handlers and to replace all six of the condensers.  The jury delivered a unanimous verdict finding no breach of any contractual duty.