Defense Verdict for Opthamologist in PA

Michael Badowski, Esq., a partner in our Central Pennsylvania office, successfully defended his opthamologist client in a jury trial where plaintiff alleged vision impairment following cataract surgery.  The plaintiff contended three months following right eye phacoemulsification cataract removal with intraocular lens implantation performed by our ophthalmologist client, Plaintiff developed a hypertensive retinopathy cotton wool spot (CWS).  Plaintiff contended the cataract surgery was contraindicated in the face of her elevated blood pressure on the day of surgery and this condition was the cause of her later developed CWS.  Plaintiff asserted she sustained nerve damage from the CWS resulting in a permanent visual disturbance in her right eye.  The defense persuasively established that Plaintiff’s later occurring CWS was completely unrelated to her cataract repair.  Following a week long trial, a 12 member Cumberland County jury unanimously found in favor of our client.