Congratulations to Harrisburg Partner Barry Kronthal, Esq. in Limiting Bar Fight Fall-Out

Barry Kronthal concluded a trial on 2/12/09 where he defended the interests of a “bouncer” in a bar where a fight erupted; claims of negligence, battery and punitive damages were presented by two plaintiffs. The first Plaintiff, a construction worker, had four separate back surgeries, medical bills in excess of $110,000, lost wages of just under $350,000 and a significant future wage loss claim. The second Plaintiff, the girlfriend of the other plaintiff, sustained a closed head injury. Following a four day jury trial, Mr. Kronthal’s client was absolved of all liability to the second Plaintiff, and was found liable to the first Plaintiff in the amount of $64. This was based upon a 20% liability finding on $320 molded verdict.