Admitted Liability MVA, 1M Demand, $20,000 Verdict

Plaintiff was operating her vehicle in a line of cars following her sister’s hearse to final internment when our client’s employee, operating a snow plow, made an ill-timed left hand turn striking plaintiff’s vehicle, and resulting in an ambulance transport to a local hospital and plaintiff missing the service honoring her sister. Our client admitted liability and our western PA based partner, Michael Lang, tried the case on damages, only. Plaintiff alleged: (1) a permanent injury to her neck and headaches which resulted in severe limitations to plaintiff’s lifestyle including an inability to care for her 8 acre property and her horses, (2) out-of-pocket expenses resulting in a lien totaling $34,000, (3) that she required (and, in fact, received) extensive medical treatment with a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist and pain management doctors for her neck injury, including various injections into her neck and skull and narcotic pain medication. Mr. Lang concluded the treatment simply didn’t fit with the impact and the alleged injuries and requested video surveillance which revealed the plaintiff engaging in heavy yard work on her property just 5 months before trial. The video, together with the testimony of the Defendant’s IME doctor, was offered at trial and Mr. Lang argued the plaintiff suffered only a sprain/strain to her neck as a result of the accident and that any pain and treatment after about 8 weeks post-accident was related to plaintiff’s arthritis and not the accident. In response to the plaintiffs’ one million dollar demand, Mr. Lang offered $35,000. At the conclusion of the three day trial and after deliberating less than an hour and a half, the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff totaling just $20,102.00.