Thanks to Berkeley Heights Partner Emery Mishky

A comment from Senior Corporate Counsel directed to northern New Jersey based partner, Emery J. Mishky, Esq., upon learning of a jury verdict of $22,000 following a four day trial involving a fall down where plaintiff’s demand of $350,000 never wavered:

“Once again, thanks so much for all your hard work. Considering all the obstacles in this case, I could not be more pleased with the result.”

Great Legal Skills!

Client comment in response to Philadelphia Senior Associate Paul Weisbein’s news that the court denied Plaintiff’s Motion to Vacate a July 2006 Order dismissing his complaint against the defendant Doctor and putting the case to rest:

“Once again, I thank you for a great job. You have been very responsive and, obviously, your legal skills were a great comfort to me. Sincerely…”

Congratulations to Westmont Partner Peter Cuddihy

To one of our southern New Jersey based partners, Peter Cuddihy, Esq., from a claims professional:

“Thanks, I will send out the draft … You did a great job on that case.”

A comment from the President of a software development company to James R. Kahn, Esquire, a Philadelphia based partner in connection with the handling of a commercial case:

Dear Jim:
“Now that our issue is finalized, I feel compelled to write a letter to you. I have worked with attorneys from time to time in my twenty years as a small business owner… I would not have uttered the word “attorney” and the phrase “customer support” in the same sentence. Your firm, and especially you, have changed the way I will forever view the legal field.

“Our matter was relatively small in the global scheme of things. Prior to contacting your firm, we had contacted three different firms to discuss our issue. In all three encounters, it was difficult to get the attorney to return phone calls. When they did, we felt we were being dismissed and treated as unimportant…. Your firm was referred to us through the Harmonie Group…. I was truly amazed that you and your firm were so responsive… You appeared to take an interest in our case as if you were part of our company… You have the perfect combination of aggressiveness, legal experience and consideration for people. Any firm in any industry could learn something about customer support from you and your firm…. In the last couple of months, I have heard several friends discussing legal issues with the usual negative connotations. I have told them of my experience with you and your firm. Almost no one has had a truly positive experience with attorneys, and they are amazed at the level of service you provided.”

Litigation Examiner regarding New Jersey Partner, Larry Bunis, Esq.:

“Steve, Larry did a great job on this claim… I wish I had more cases with him. Thank you much.”

Great Job in Reaching Defense Verdict

I wanted to share a letter I received from … personal counsel for (our policyholder). I’m not surprised by its content as I’ve experienced first hand seeing you in action. If I had to choose one word in this letter it would be “demeanor”. You are certainly prepared to argue a case but most importantly I’ve observed your demeanor to be extremely effective with opposing counsel, the judge and the jury. Thanks for the great job in reaching a defense verdict on this case, we certainly respect and appreciate your efforts.

Vice President, Claims
(Regional Insurance Carrier)

A comment from a physician to James R. Kahn, Esquire, a Philadelphia based partner in connection with the defense of medical malpractice case

Dear Jim,
“I want to commend you for the hard fight you waged to get me out of the … case. I’ll remember all those late night “pow-wows.” You and Jacques were tenacious – Motions for Summary Judgment, Motions in Limine, Motion to Strike and Motion for Non-Suit. I think the judge really heard you.

My trust in the legal system is restored, but not in the lawyers that persist on bringing these frivolous claims… Thanks again”

From our physician client who received a jury’s defense verdict in a pediatric medical malpractice action, to Harrisburg Partner, Michael Badowski

Dear Mike,
“I am grateful for your stellar representation, your insight and your determination and dedication. Your support and concern for my anxieties contributed immensely to whatever confidence I was able to muster. You more than fulfilled (my professional liability insurer’s) glowing (praises of your abilities.)

A comment from a Chiropractor to James R. Kahn, Esquire, a Philadelphia based partner in connection with the defense of professional liability matter

Dear Jim,
“Excuse me for not having the words for expressing how grateful I am to you. I am amazed at your knowledge and talent in what you do. My mind doesn’t work that way, I was in awe all week. I realize you were assigned to me, however I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. I just don’t know how to thank you, I am forever grateful…. GOD bless you.”

Excellent Job!

“Responding to the outcome of a particularly challenging negotiation in a casualty matter, the client commented:'”No question!!! You ARE my favorite attorney in the Philadelphia area. Heck, in the whole State!! Excellent job. Thank you.'”

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