Congratulations to Dawn Dezii, Esq., a Partner in our Southern New Jersey Office

Dawn was retained by an insurer to represent the interests of a family involved in litigation concerning an underground storage tank. Following a successful conclusion, the family sent a note (with roses) as follows:

“Dear Dawn: Truly, truly THANK YOU for all you did to help us! I really do know how much time and concern you put into our case and I so appreciate it!”

A comment from a self-insured hospitality chain claim professional regarding the efforts of Miles Kirshner, Esq., a partner in our Pittsburgh location

“Miles: …I want to compliment you on your comments, analysis and recommendations. This was informative, yet concise. We greatly appreciate and will remember such fine lawyering….

Thank you again for your prompt attention and fine analysis.”

Defeat of Long Arm Jurisdiction in Commercial Dispute involving International Shipper defended by Emery J. Mishky, Esq., in our northern New Jersey location

“Emery, I am quite pleased with the results of your efforts and the dismissal of the case you informed me of yesterday. Nice work that is, thank you very much. . . . Personally, I would like to thank you for your help and advice on this case and I sincerely hope that we will have the time and opportunity to personally meet.”

A grateful client acknowledges the efforts of New Jersey based partner, Dawn Dezii, Esq., in persuading plaintiffs’ counsel to dismiss all matters pending against Dawn’s client, a manufacturer/distributor of boiler burner components alledged to have contained asbestos:

“Dawn, This is incredible work. Thank you. I am very happy that you were able to accomplish this. I like how this account has never been “forgotten” or treated as unimportant even though it is a small account, and that you had done such a good job with it.”

Another satisfied client!

Christopher Tinari, Esquire, in our Philadelphia office received the following note from a satisfied client:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the superior quality of your representation, during this very difficult time for me. You were not only astute in your profession, you were compassionate/human– and I was exonerated. For this, I am forever grateful.”

Successful Result by Westmont Partner Bruce Barrett

From the Senior Vice President of Claims of a nationwide commercial lines insurer directed to Bruce E. Barrett, Esq., in our southern New Jersey location following a successful result on a coverage dispute:

“…Again, congratulations and thank you for your work and effort to represent (our insurance company) and to vindicate our claims and legal department’s handling of the case. You put the case in the right direction and your motion papers were excellent, both on the NY vs NJ issue, and your summary judgment motion. This is truly a very important victory for us.”

Correspondence from client to insurer regarding Miles R. Kirshner, Esq. and recent Asbestos trial:

“I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and (your insurance company) for standing by (our company) with regard to (the recent) asbestos lawsuit. I have never experienced anything of this kind before in our business and really didn’t know what to expect … In addition, I would also like to send my sincere appreciation to Attorney Miles Kirshner… I feel Mr. Kirshner did a superb job. He obviously was well versed in this type of litigation and represented (our company) … in high regard. He was very friendly towards me and always kept me informed as to how the case was progressing.”

Thanks to Berkeley Heights Partner Emery Mishky

A comment from Senior Corporate Counsel directed to northern New Jersey based partner, Emery J. Mishky, Esq., upon learning of a jury verdict of $22,000 following a four day trial involving a fall down where plaintiff’s demand of $350,000 never wavered:

“Once again, thanks so much for all your hard work. Considering all the obstacles in this case, I could not be more pleased with the result.”

Great Legal Skills!

Client comment in response to Philadelphia Senior Associate Paul Weisbein’s news that the court denied Plaintiff’s Motion to Vacate a July 2006 Order dismissing his complaint against the defendant Doctor and putting the case to rest:

“Once again, I thank you for a great job. You have been very responsive and, obviously, your legal skills were a great comfort to me. Sincerely…”

Congratulations to Westmont Partner Peter Cuddihy

To one of our southern New Jersey based partners, Peter Cuddihy, Esq., from a claims professional:

“Thanks, I will send out the draft … You did a great job on that case.”

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