Comment from Attorney Claim Examiner re Defense Verdict for Michael Badowski in Medical Malpractice trial

“Thank you for your diligent efforts in helping to obtain a successful conclusion in te above-referenced matter. We greatly appreciate the skillful defense that you presented on behalf of (the doctor). I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Hat’s Off to Stepanie Cho, Esquire in our Northern New Jersey Location

Comments from a claim professional regarding Stephanie Cho’s efforts:

Hi Steve:

“Just wanted to bring this file to your attention. We got an excellent result. Stephanie Cho was able to prevail on Summary Judgement in this case. Case was assigned to Stephanie 10-7-07. She was able to get the necessary discovery done and the case in a posture to file Summary Judgement with 8 months of receiving it. My hat goes off to Stephanie.

Good Job!!!!!”

Congratulations to Jeanine Clark, Esq., from New Jersey

The Controller of a regional HVAC company writes:

“Dear Jeanine: On behalf of all of us at Shamrock, I would like to thank you and your firm for all of the support and legal counsel that you had provided us during (the recent) litigation…

It was truly a pleasure to have met you and to have your firm represent us. At no time during the proceedings did we ever “feel out of the loop” which was most refreshing.

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to work together in the future.”

Larry Bunis, Esq., in our southern New Jersey office delivers!

A comment from a client directed to Alan Margolis, Esq., regarding Larry Bunis:

“Alan I now realize after all these years that your greatness is due to your selection of the right attorneys. I, after discussing the … case with Larry Bunis sat back and wondered where you got him. His expertise, in my opinion, results (from) his preparation, understanding the short falls and correcting the problems at hand. His preparation amazed me since he has only been involved with the case for a short period of time. I feel like I am writing a fan letter and maybe I am.”

An appreciative client salutes court room success

Note from Carrier:

“I thought you would be interested in what the insured had to say about defense counsel on this claim and during the trial. As you can see, they were extremely pleased. I would have to agree with him.”

Note from Insured:

“I want to thank your company for using the law firm of Margolis Edelstein to represent us at trial . . . I can not express how pleased we were with both the professionalism and depth of preparation provided that enabled us to win in a jury trial. Christopher Tinari… was not only an excellent lawyer, but he gave us great advice and support at every step of the case. The quality of this representation speaks well of your employing him to help us. I was in the court room every day of the trial and saw the effort he put forth in our defense. Thank you.”

A grateful insurance claims professional acknowledges Christopher Tinari’s effort in resolving a difficult case with an unfortunate fact pattern and catastrophic injuries

“I am having difficulty finding enough adjectives to describe the work done by Chris on this case!! I have nothing but good things to say about Chris (and Andrew Gallogly). If it were up to me, I would clone them and put the two of them in all the jurisdictions I work in… They know their cases well enough to speak on the phone and not have to get back to me. In addition, they just do great legal work! As an adjuster of serious casualty losses, they make my job easier and more pleasant.

Chris Tinari’s work on this case has been nothing less than picture perfect! While he has handled all the discovery and Motions with skill and precision timing, he has also been the attorney coordinating a united defense, all the defendants to share costs on IMEs and was instrumental in getting all the parties together for the mediation. If you will recall, it was Chris who was able to convince the plaintiff attorney that the plaintiff and her mother both needed to be present. The plaintiffs were not planning on personally attending the mediation… I once again found the need to contact him on a moment’s notice and even though Chris was on vacation, he provided the information to me within 5 minutes time. I don’t find that all of our counsel are this available especially when they are out of state with their families. I appreciate this about Chris! This is not the first great result we have had with Chris and I look forward to continue working with him.”

Claim Manager Comment Regarding Philadelphia Partner, Christopher Tinari, Esq.’s Directed Verdict on Behalf of Church Client

Chris: A terrific result! … It seems getting an MSJ, directed verdict or the like granted on the notice issue has become more difficult than ever. We hear it a lot that judges would rather just let the jury decide…. Congratulations to you and your staff!

Litigation Examiner’s Comments Regarding Southern New Jersey Based Partner, Colleen M. Ready’s Success in Obtaining a Motion for Summary Judgment

Colleen: This will acknowledge receipt of your letter … indicating court granting of our MSJ dismissing case including all counter and cross claims against the insured. This case was potentially dangerous as we were dealing with a sympathetic 72 year old plaintiff who mistook a container of drain cleaner for a water bottle and drank it resulting in severe and painful injuries to her esophagus and colon. Your preparation and diligent work product was instrumental in securing a dismissal needed for an early and effective resolution and avoidance of what could have been a protracted trial and very expensive case. Our thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.

Praise for Christopher Tinari Regarding an Employment Practices Matter

“Chris, I believe this ordeal is now concluded. Thank you for your help, input and guidance in this case. Your honesty and forthcoming advice was much appreciated. Please forward me your final bill for your services. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing legal advice or representation.”

A note from an insurance Claim Professional directed to New Jersey partner, Bob Kaplan, Esquire, regarding Jeanine Clark, Esquire’s mediation of January 29, 2008

“Bob: I just wanted to let you know what a great job Jeanine did at the mediation today. My only real contact with her has been her letters and reports which as I’m sure you know are extremely detailed. She knew the case inside and out and she has such a unique way of presenting an opposing position without having the other party take offense. I was really fascinated listening to her… She is a real asset to your firm and a pleasure to work with.”

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