Title VII Case Resolved – Praise for Rolf Kroll

Rolf Kroll represented a local school facing a challenging array of Title VII allegations including accusations that despite receiving exemplary performance reviews, the Plaintiff was “regularly” and “continuously,” called a “bitch,” that publically and privately she was called “ditzy,” “stupid” and “flighty” and that she was ultimately terminated as a function of unlawful discrimination. Following a recent mediation at which the case was resolved, the Governance Committee Chairman for our defendant private school commented:

“Rolf, As I said at the end of our day of mediation, we (and our insurance carrier) were fortunate to have you as our counsel in this matter. Thank you for not only your expert handling of the negotiations that resulted in a successful settlement, but for the many hours of fact-finding and strategizing that preceded the “main event.” There’s an old saying that if you have 10 hours to chop down a tree, spend 9 hours sharpening your ax. I believe that sentiment aptly describes your handling of our case.”