Praise for Michael Lang – Motorcycle/Skid-Steer Fatality

After attending a Court Conciliation which ultimately resulted in the resolution of a particularly challenging death case, the Claim Professional commented on Mike Lang’s handling as follows:

“ I am especially appreciative of your stalwart and unwavering stance during these rather hard-bitten negotiations. I asked you to “sell” (the insurer’s) number to the parties, and you did. Nice work … Michael, you did a fine job on this case. I have been pleased with your level of professionalism, legal knowledge and skills, responsiveness, and customer care for both (your client) and (the insurance carrier). Overall, outstanding work all around. Thanks for hanging in there and facing up under pressure yesterday…. I forgot to mention that about 30 minutes after (you) called me to report that we reached a settlement, I received a phone call from (the insured). He expressed profuse gratitude and thanks both to Mr. Lang and to (the insurer). Then his wife got on the phone to express the same. It was pretty heart-warming to hear from our insured how much he appreciated our efforts.”