Praise for Glenn Ricketti Following Resolution of High-Exposure General Liability Matter for Local Diocese

After a transfer from prior counsel of a case involving a slip and fall on ice outside our Church gymnasium resulting in plaintiff sustaining a fractured vertebrae, as well as requiring three cervical disketomies and fusions at C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7, RSD, chronic pain syndrome, and a claim for total permanent disability from her job as a nurse, our partner, Glenn Ricketti, managed to resolve the case promptly. The claim professional’s response:

“Hi Glenn! Once again, you helped achieve results on a case that went to mediation that shocked everyone. As you know, this was the highest exposure case this office has ever had. You received this case with a 1.5 million dollar demand and were able to get the plaintiff attorney to reduce his demand for mediation to $900,000. Your preparation for the mediation was incredible and you clearly knew your case better than it appeared the plaintiff attorney did. His opening remarks were 5 minutes and yours was over a half hour. Your relationship and reputation with the mediator was also very helpful in us securing an incredible $165,000 settlement. The arguments you made throughout showed your knowledge of the case and the confidence you have to handle complex cases. It is great to be able to have the utmost confidence in your attorney, as I do, when you have an extremely high exposure case. Thanks again for doing your job so well for us and being an enjoyable person to be with at the same time!….thanks..”