Praise for Dawn Dezii & Team in Mesothelioma Death Case

Our Southern New Jersey based partner, Dawn Dezii, defended the interests of a small, family owned, residential housing developer in a wrongful death matter where the estate of the 43 year old decedent, with a totally dependent spouse and three children, claimed he contracted mesothelioma due to alleged asbestos exposure while living in the housing development as a child. Dawn’s client advised the claim professional for their insurer at the conclusion of the case, as follows:

“The counsel we have received has been outstanding and reassuring. Dawn Dezii and her staff worked far harder than we ever knew, as we realized when the time drew near for trial and mediation and we heard of the research they did to “break down” each part of the case of the plaintiff’s attorneys. It was mind boggling, and we appreciated Dawn’s attention to our opinions and suggestions as to combat the presuppositions made by the other side. We sincerely believe we had the facts that disproved our liability. Ms Dezii and her capable staff did much to substantiate those facts, as well as much more, to seek to prove we were not liable.”