Municipal Liability Case Dismissed & Praise for Partner Charlie Saul

A Motion for Summary Judgment presented by Pittsburgh Partner Charlie Saul was successful in a bitterly fought case against a Township and its representatives involving allegations of sexual harassment, discriminatory discharge, and 1st Amendment retaliation. The Court agreed with Charlie’s position, dismissed the case, and the Township’s Secretary-Treasurer reacted to the good news with the following message to Charlie:

“Hey Charlie – All I can say is: I am super excited about the outcome today.  What GREAT-GREAAAAT news! [My husband] and I have been smiling since your call and all the way home. You have been wonderful and soooo patient with the [aggravation associated with this litigation]! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else but you representing me and the township.  You know your law and you didn’t waver [sic] one bit. I am in awe of you. Again, thanks for always being there and your patience in this saga. I am so glad the judge was able to see through all of this. I am grateful and happy this is over withYou are the best!!!”