High Praise for Southern New Jersey Attorneys Robert Kaplan & Jeanine Clark

A note from a claim professional directed to Bob Kaplan, Esq., a partner in our southern NJ office:

“Bob: My last day with (my current employer) will be 3/27/09. As you know I’ve accepted a job with (another company).

I think it goes without saying what a pleasure it has been to work with you. You’ve guided me on a lot of fronts and I have tried [mainly in vain] when facing a difficult issue to follow your example in always taking the ‘high road’. You’re one smart and classy guy and I hope our paths cross again. In (my current employer’s) view, Margolis Edelstein is the firm of choice and that is due to your credit.

I copied Jeanine on this as I wanted to extend my thanks to her for all her excellent work. Jeanine you do an exceptional job and I’ve so much enjoyed working with you.”