A grateful insurance claims professional acknowledges Christopher Tinari’s effort in resolving a difficult case with an unfortunate fact pattern and catastrophic injuries

“I am having difficulty finding enough adjectives to describe the work done by Chris on this case!! I have nothing but good things to say about Chris (and Andrew Gallogly). If it were up to me, I would clone them and put the two of them in all the jurisdictions I work in… They know their cases well enough to speak on the phone and not have to get back to me. In addition, they just do great legal work! As an adjuster of serious casualty losses, they make my job easier and more pleasant.

Chris Tinari’s work on this case has been nothing less than picture perfect! While he has handled all the discovery and Motions with skill and precision timing, he has also been the attorney coordinating a united defense, all the defendants to share costs on IMEs and was instrumental in getting all the parties together for the mediation. If you will recall, it was Chris who was able to convince the plaintiff attorney that the plaintiff and her mother both needed to be present. The plaintiffs were not planning on personally attending the mediation… I once again found the need to contact him on a moment’s notice and even though Chris was on vacation, he provided the information to me within 5 minutes time. I don’t find that all of our counsel are this available especially when they are out of state with their families. I appreciate this about Chris! This is not the first great result we have had with Chris and I look forward to continue working with him.”