Appreciation for Pittsburgh Partner, Kyle McGee, after obtaining summary judgment in a complex WV employment discrimination and sexual harassment case.

Pittsburgh-based Partner, Kyle McGee, was asked to take over the defense in a complex employment discrimination matter in West Virginia that involved allegations of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation, reprisal and wrongful discharge. After the Court granted summary judgment in our clients’ favor in-house counsel stated, “Our entire team knows how difficult it is to obtain summary judgment in an employment case and particularly in a sexual harassment case. This is really an incredible result. Thank you so much for coming into this case late in the game, for your quick catch up, and for your devoted work and effort on this case. It resulted in a fantastic MSJ and reply and obviously the Court agreed. Thank you so much for your hard and thoughtful work on this case – I can’t really convey over email just how much we all appreciate it!”