Accolades for Christopher Tinari Defending Religious Institutions

Correspondence from our client, a Philadelphia based religious institution, to their insurance carrier:

“Both (the Reverend and the author, an administrator) … want to say how pleased we were with the legal services provided to (our Church) by…. Chris Tinari. The high level of professionalism and preparation resulted in the (case) against us being dismissed, entirely. You are aware of the difficulties such frivolous lawsuits bring to any organization, but especially nonprofits, so, we are grateful that…. Attorney Tinari did such an outstanding job. We felt he was very responsive, giving us excellent advice and supporting us throughout the process. The ultimate outcome of our case attests to their expertise. We would not hesitate to request his services in the future, and would recommend him to others.”

The response of the insurance carrier: “It is not often we get such a letter (and that’s fine because all of us involved in handling claims and lawsuits understand it is our job and we take pride in doing it well). That said, I very much appreciate your taking the time to write about…. Mr. Tinari. We have enjoyed a long relationship with the Margolis Edelstein firm and… Mr. Tinari in particular. We too, think he has served our policyholders well and earned our continue trust. Your kind feedback reinforces our opinion.”