Our Automobile and Trucking Litigation group brings cumulative experience measured in hundreds of years. We handle defense of all transportation litigation issues, ranging from major trucking and bus accidents to smaller PIP or First Party Benefit suits. As in all litigation, these lawyers focus on early development, evaluation, and disposition of claims, but are prepared and experienced when trial is necessary. For claims governed by the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, we publish and update for our clients a book with complete annotations, explanations, and guidance for the claims handler.

Our Bankruptcy group focuses on Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy-related litigation involving debtors’ and creditors’ rights. The firm represents corporate debtors-in-possession, creditors’ committees (as counsel and as a member), litigation and liquidating trustees, banks and lending institutions, secured and unsecured creditors of all types, lessors and sellers of real estate, equipment and other personal property, executives and management of companies, parties to all types of executory contracts with debtors, plaintiffs and defendants in preference, fraudulent-transfer and similar actions, and other professionals involved in bankruptcy cases. Our firm has appeared in bankruptcy cases in many states, including Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Nevada and California.



Our Class Action group handles defense of lawsuits in both state and federal courts involving employment discrimination, wage and hour claims, food borne illness, insurance brokers, software developers, medical devices and asbestos injuries. In addition, we defend corporate directors in matters alleging breach of fiduciary duty. Our experience includes motions to dismiss, discovery, class certification issues, summary judgment, and resolution. While we focus on early challenges to class certification and on dismissal of class members, we also negotiate and administer favorable settlements and, when warranted, handle class action cases through trial.

Our Commercial Law group handles commercial loan defaults, foreclosures, and lender liability including alleged violations of Fair Debt Collection Practices, represents financial advisors and planners, insurance agents and other professionals involved in marketing financial investment vehicles, and also handles more traditional litigation and counseling of commercial clients. Our familiarity with state administrative offices and personnel allow us to serve our clients in an economic and efficient manner.

Our Construction Law group represents owners, general contractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, subcontractors, risk managers, material suppliers, and insurers in every conceivable aspect of public and private construction and development. We have specialists in surety bonds, contract drafting, and indemnification claims. We offer access to expert engineers to assist in developing a trial strategy. As in all litigation we handle, the Construction Litigation group focuses on early development, evaluation, and disposition of claims, but is prepared and experienced when trial or arbitration is necessary.

Our Entertainment Law and New Media group regularly handles matters for a variety of clients in the entertainment and new media spaces, covering all segments of the entertainment industry, including music, television, motion pictures, radio, publishing and sports.  Our interdisciplinary attorneys, comprised of transactional attorneys and litigators, represent all types of individuals and businesses who successfully operate on both the creative and business sides of the arts, entertainment and media industries.  In addition to our legal experience, our attorneys’ industry-insider experience and long standing relationships in the media and entertainment communities allows Margolis Edelstein to access resources that are integral to helping our clients succeed.

We routinely work with entertainment and new media clients in the following areas:

Our Family Law group, led by Pittsburgh based partner Bernadette Staroschuck, handles all family law matters, including pre-nuptial agreements, separation, divorce, property distribution, child custody, visitation rights, and, when possible, collaborative law engagements to resolve issues amicably. The collaborative law process, an alternative dispute resolution vehicle, encourages divorcing couples to work together with our specially trained mediators to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court. When needed, we employ trained child specialists, counselors, divorce coaches, and other financial professionals to work together to achieve the priorities and goals of both spouses. Our attorneys are committed to helping families in transition cope with the realities of divorce while preserving respect between the parties and the best interests of any children.

Our General Liability group, as its name suggests, handles a diverse array of matters, ranging from trip and fall to dog bite to slander to wrongful use of civil proceedings. We defend property owners, landlords, businesses, and individuals against just about every conceivable type of claim. Through experience and training, our lawyers have developed sub-specialties within General Liability such that we can match our lawyers with the client’s quite specific needs for the case in hand.

Our Healthcare and Senior Living group brings specialized knowledge, training, and experience to a practice area demanding same. Hospitals, nursing facilities, personal care homes, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and rehab centers face complicated medical, logistical, and legal challenges in caring for the sick, disabled, and elderly. Individual medical practitioners, including doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and personal care attendants, face similar challenges with patients often in life or death crisis. Our attorneys counsel these medical providers on legal issues of claim avoidance and proper documentation of services. When needed, we defend against claims of individual or institutional malpractice.

Our Hospitality and Retail group represents shopping centers, convenience stores, industrial parks, local, national, and international retailers, hotels, resorts, and property managers, all clients with exposure to claims from business invitees. Food and liquor liability cases also fall within Hospitality and Retail and our specialists defend claims based on food distribution and preparation, food borne illness, and service of alcohol by liquor licensees or social hosts. In addition to representation by our experienced attorneys, our clients value the Hospitality and Retail group’s attention to public relations concerns.