2021 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers

Jason C. Berger – Entertainment & Sports
Mohammad Ghiasuddin – Business Litigation
James R. Kahn – Professional Liability Defense
John A. Livingood, Jr.– Personal Injury Defense
Christopher A. Tinari – Employment & Labor

2021 Pennsylvania Rising Stars

Anthony J. Gabriel – Medical Malpractice
Brooke Hanley – Personal Injury Defense
Emily E. Mahler – Employment Litigation
Kyle T. McGee – Civil Litigation Defense
Michael R. Miller – Employment & Labor
Ryan C. Smith – Civil Litigation Defense

Margolis Edelstein is honored to be recognized as one of Forbes’ top trusted U.S. corporate law firms. Of the 243 firms listed, Margolis Edelstein is one of only three Philadelphia law firms to be recognized for Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Forbes partnered with Statista, a market research company, to conduct a national survey using responses from over 2,500 lawyers across the country. A big thank you to all of our attorneys and staff, and congratulations to all of the other firms selected! Click here to view the full article.

We are pleased to announce that Margolis Edelstein Partners Christopher Tinari, Michael Miller, Emily Mahler presented How to Evaluate and Assess Employment Claims at Erie Insurance Company’s Panel Seminar on August 12, 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The presentation focused on EPL claim handling and the importance of trial and resolution strategies for EPL matters. For additional information please feel free to contact Chris at

2019 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers


Michael Badowski – Medical Malpractice Defense
Jason Berger – Entertainment & Sports
Mohammad Ghiasuddin – Business Litigation
James Kahn – Professional Liability Defense
Miles Kirshner – Civil Litigation Defense
John Livingood – Personal Injury Defense
Mary Lou Maierhofer – Civil Rights
Ronald Metcho – General Litigation
Carol Ann Murphy – Personal Injury Defense
Catherine Straggas – Civil Litigation Defense
Christopher Tinari – Employment & Labor



2019 Pennsylvania Rising Stars

Brooke Hanley – Personal Injury Defense
Emily Mahler – Employment & Labor
Kyle McGee – Civil Litigation Defense
Michael Miller – Employment & Labor
Krista M. Reale (Samis) – Civil Litigation Defense

In Penn National v. St. John, 106 A.3d 1 (Pa. 2014), the insured negligently installed underground plumbing for St. John’s dairy farm such that waste water infiltrated a clean water system, slowly poisoning the dairy herd. St. John observed the deleterious effects on his dairy herd during the first of Penn National’s three consecutive liability policy periods, though cause of the harm (the underground leaks) was not discovered until the final policy period. Penn National, represented by Michael P. McKenna, contended that only its policy in effect during the “first manifestation” of harm provided coverage to the exclusion of its subsequent policies, regardless when the cause was discovered and whether the harm had continued. The trial court, the Pa Superior Court, and the PA Supreme Court agree, refusing to extend J.H.France Refractories multiple or continuous trigger of coverage beyond asbestos-related disease cases.

Partners Michael P. McKenna & Glenn Ricketti were speakers at the annual Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies’ Claims Summit [] in Gettysburg. As he has done for over 30 years, Michael presented his annual “Litigation Update,” summarizing developments in areas relevant to the insurance industry, and Glenn spoke on “Internet and Cyber Claims – Coming to A Computer Near You Soon.”

Partners Michael P. McKenna and Glenn Ricketti addressed the attendees of the Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (PAMIC) annual Claims Summit in Gettysburg attended by PAMIC members claim professionals.  Michael McKenna presented his summary entitled the Annual Litigation Update, which he has done for over ten years, and Glenn Ricketti lectured on Cyber-Law and Social Media Exposures.  PAMIC has been in existence for over 100 years serving the interests of over sixty companies, including both mutual and stock insurers, with exposures in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.