Philadelphia partner James Kahn and Jen Coatsworth received a defense verdict after a 12-day arbitration in a claim involving allegations of breach of contract and consumer deception in a residential mortgage program. They were successful in obtaining an order removing the case to arbitration over the plaintiff’s refusal, and then defeated multiple claims brought by the plaintiff in the arbitration which were supported by three experts called by plaintiff.

The defendant’s general counsel wrote to Mr. Kahn, stating: “Thank you very, very much for all of your work on this! You and Jen did an amazing job and we are incredibly grateful. It would be impossible to overstate how thrilled we are with these results. Congratulations to all on a job well done.”

In a case handled by James R. Kahn and Paul F. Weisbein involving a teenager who had committed suicide at a juvenile mental health facility, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted the facility summary judgment on civil immunity grounds. This decision was then affirmed by the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. <em>Cohen v. Kids Peace National Centers, Inc.</em>

Philadelphia partner James R. Kahn obtains a nonsuit in Philadelphia state court on behalf of a major teaching hospital accused of unfairly limiting a surgeon’s credentials.

Philadelphia partner James R. Kahn obtains a defense verdict in Philadelphia state court on behalf of an orthopedic surgeon accused of improper spine surgery.

Philadelphia partner James R. Kahn obtains a nonsuit in Philadelphia state court on behalf of an obstetrician accused of negligently supervising a VBAC delivery that resulted in a uterine rupture.

Philadelphia partner James R. Kahn obtains a $1.7 million verdict for an attorney against his former clients who had libeled and harassed him and refused to pay fees owed. This followed a summary judgment for the attorney in a malpractice case brought by the former clients.

Philadelphia partner, James Kahn, presented at the American College of Chiropractic Consultants conference on Medical Malpractice from the Defense Perspective.

Philadelphia partner James R. Kahn obtains a defense verdict in federal court in Philadelphia on behalf of an ophthalmologist accused by a police officer of performing LASIK surgery negligently.

James R. Kahn and Paul F. Weisbein obtained a summary judgment in federal court on civil immunity grounds for a mental health juvenile facility alleged to have permitted a juvenile resident to have been assaulted.

Philadelphia partner James Kahn  was successful in obtaining summary judgment on behalf of two corporate pension administration companies in an ERISA matter filed in federal court in Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  An attorney sued his former law firm to collect pension benefits owed him and also joined the two pension administrators whom the law firm blamed for the delay in pension payments.  The companies were later dismissed by the Plaintiff attorney, but the law firm asserted a cross-claim against the pension administrators.  We obtained summary judgment against the law firm based on legal arguments under ERISA and joint torfeasor law, as well on factual grounds based on admissions elicited in the deposition of the law firm principal and affidavits from former employees of the companies.